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T&S Machines and Tools... Not the Same Old Grind!

T&S Machines and Tools has a legacy in the automotive and industrial machinery sector and continues to evolve, focusing on the needs of high-performance workshops and industries. As the main representative for ProBal Dynamic Balancing in automotive balancing applications, T&S stands as a leader of innovation and reliability, having transitioned to primarily supply the BlockMaster CNC Engine Block machines, Automotive Balancing Machines, and balancing machine retrofit solutions. These state-of-the-art machines demonstrate our commitment to excellence and precision in engine block machining and dynamic balancing instrumentation.

We proudly offer the ProBal line of balancing machines. Initially a T&S product model, ProBal has now grown into its own entity, renowned for its dynamic balancing machines that cater to a wide array of industries. This expansion, however, has not diluted our focus on the automotive industry, where T&S remains a pivotal distributor, especially in crankshaft balancing and upgrades for automotive balancing machines.

While we have shifted our focus to these leading product lines, we have not forgotten our roots. T&S continues to support our legacy products, like the TS500 3-angle tooling and the System 2000 Seat and Guide Center, with parts and service. Our commitment to supporting these products stems from our dedication to our customers, whose needs have shaped our journey.

Our legacy in cylinder head and block surfacing is also upheld with continued support for machines like the TS3000 Blockmate, the TS5000 High Capacity Surfacer, and the TS2075 Valve Grinder which remain supported for those who have relied on these models for years.

T&S Machines and Tools is not just a supplier; we are a partner in your machine shop’s success. Our evolution, marked by the focus on BlockMaster CNC Engine Block machines and ProBal dynamic balancing solutions, is a testament to our commitment to stay at the forefront of technology and customer needs. Let us help you find the right solution that fits both your needs and your budget.

Balancer Models and Upgrades

T&S offers balancing machines for many different automotive applications as well as balancer electronics upgrades. Click on a picture to browse our balancer models and upgrade options for your shop.

Balancer Models

TS1000 Blueprint System

The TS1000 Block Blueprint System is an automotive shops dream. T&S is revolutionizing the way you will bore engine blocks forever with our conversational software and 30 minute floor-to-bore procedures.

Blueprint System

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