PC5 Dynamic Balancing Software

Automotive Balancer Software

The T&S balancer electronics is fast and efficient. Spin for three seconds, analyze, correct… The automotive software pinpoints the correction angle and amount in two planes with options for drilling, adding, zoning for heavy metal or simply grinding.

Simplified ‘ProBal’ Software

The T&S ‘ProBal’ industrial software is a simplified version with single or two plane analysis but without drill depth calculations and heavy metal zoning. T&S offers this version for the industrial user not needing the advanced analysis of the automotive functions.

Software Download

Windows Driver Downloads

Install the STMicro USB drivers for either 64bit or 32bit Windows depending on which version of Windows is installed on the PC. You can verify which version of Windows the PC is running by checking the Computer Properties from the right click menu on My Computer (in xp) or Computer (Vista, Win 7,). For Win 8 and 10, click the Windows icon, Settings, System and About.

dotNET Setup

Run the Setup file for dotNET with the balancing PC connected to the internet. The setup file needs to download files from Microsoft during the installation.

AnyDesk Download