Warranty Policy

T & S Machines and Tools, Inc
Standard Warranty for Industrial Machines and Tooling

Seller (T&S) warrants to Buyer that products furnished hereunder are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment and are of kind and quality as specified in Seller’s quotation. Exclusions to the warranty include, but are not limited to, physically damaged products, expendable components, failures due to operating conditions for which a product was not designed, and training aids such as sample programs.

T&S, at its option, will repair or replace parts of machines found to be defective during the warranty period when returned to T&S, freight prepaid, with description of defect and purchase order. Parts found to be defective will be returned via UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc at Buyer’s expense. Parts tested and proven to be non-defective are subject to service charges. The repair or replacement of a defective part does not extend the warranty period. Parts of machines does not mean complete machines. Expedited repairs are subject to expediting fees.

T&S makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, with the respect to the merchandise sold other than what is contained herein.

T&S shall not be liable for any consequential damages, incidental damages or contingent liabilities resulting in loss from the use of its merchandise.

Every reasonable precaution is exercised in packing, but T&S is not responsible for goods damaged or lost in transit. Buyer must file claims with the carrier. Risk of Loss shall pass at point of shipment (FOB Gainesville, TX).

Field service and start-up are available upon receipt of a purchase order. Charges are billed at the current T&S hourly rate, plus air travel and other expenses. Time is figured on a portal to portal basis.

In the event parts are purchased by T&S to be adapted to T&S products the manufacturers warrantee is extended to the buyer. T&S will help facilitate the replacement or repair of the purchased part but has no further responsibility and cannot be held liable for any damaged caused by a faulty purchased part.