PC5 Dynamic Balancing

Machine Electronics Upgrade

T&S machines offers an upgrade package for many different models of balancing machines.

With the PB5 Electronics Upgrade package we can upgrade Stewart Warner, Pro-Bal, CWT, Hines, Bal-Tech, Schenck and many other brands of balancing machines.

The PB5 Electronics Upgrade package replaces your old electronics with a modern PC and the latest in computing technology. The package includes an industrial enclosure with a dual core processor, LCD touch screen and Windows 7. The balancing software itself is lightweight and fast and easily controlled in the Windows 7 environment. Windows 7 includes many touch screen specific features that make managing your files and job information a breeze.

When you purchase the PB5 Electronics system, a T&S representative will personally set up the upgrade on your machine and offer on site training until you feel comfortable running the machine on your own. We want to make sure you are happy with your machine and confident in it’s capabilities.

Operating SystemWindows™ 10
DisplayOPTIONS: 15" Laptop with Touchscreen, 17" Resistive Touch Screen in custom enclosure
Comprehensive SoftwareAutomotive, Industrial, and Driveline all inclusive
Software FeaturesBobweight Calculator and Reports, Tolerance Calculator, Segmentation, Heavy Metal Vectoring, Single Plane (Static), Drill Depth Calculation, Real-time Visual Angle Display, 3-Second Spins, Customize-able Balance Reports
Software SupportFree Lifetime Updates
Minimum Detectable Unbalance.01 grams/inch
Shaft RPM Range50-2,500 RPM
HardwareHardware Dual-Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 250+GB Hard drive, 2 External USB Ports
Power Requirements110V or 220V Single Phase
Mounting OptionsChassis Mount

Check out these Features

Advanced electronics and programming

Sensitive to .001 gram detectable unbalance and to .01 degree – better than it has to be!
Note: This is dependent on the part in the machine. This is useful for turbos and high speed low weight parts. For crankshafts expect about .3 grams and 3 degrees because of inaccuracies of the journals and other inconsistencies in the part.

Can’t get lost using the program – even computer illiterate operators will find this system very easy to use.

Compute after 3 seconds at 250 rpm to 1000 rpm.

Choose from your heavy metal inventory or show ultimate choice based on unlimited size choices.

This is the best you can buy with Windows 7™ installed and the best touch screen

6.5 second spins – Spin from 50 to 2,500 rpm

  • Spin any speed 300 to 1,200 rpm in general use!
  • Custom Reports
  • One spin analysis
  • Bobweight Screen
  • Segmentation option
  • Plane separation
  • Spin History Screen
  • Non-Contact Photo-Eye system – Optional
  • Complete and Integrated Computer/electronics

Impress your customers with the best looking electronics for balancers on the market today!

Upgrades any machine to the best system possible

T&S can have your machine retrofitted quickly, usually within a couple of weeks

Training can be accomplished at no charge at T&S facility in Gainesville, Texas or for a nominal fee installation and training can be performed at your location