Electronics Upgrades Examples
1. Winona

Mike Lewis in Willets, California upgraded this 15 year old machine with new electronics. Now it is a fully functional machine equipped with the latest electronic technology!

2. Pro-Bal

DC Auto Electric in Houlton, Maine upgraded this 20 year old machine with new electronics. The original system was giving erratic results. Now it is as stable as a brand new machine!

3. 2500_industrial

Oxbo Intn’l in Clear Lake, Wi upgraded the electronics on this 2,500 lb capacity large-diameter extended-length hard-bearing machine. The operator was very impressed with the speed and simplicity of the new system. Check out the odd design of this part!

4. American_Coolair

American Coolaire uses a special design single-column machine in production to balance large fans for chicken houses and other industrial uses. T&S had to design a non-contact photo-eye system special application electronic system for this machine. This was a complicated project but now is a 6-second spin machine!

5. Duratec_3500

Duratech Industries bought a new 3,500 lb capacity 12-foot long machine and upgraded a 1990 model 2,500 lb machine with new electronics. They balance heavy ag rotors with moving parts on them.

6. HCPC500

Gary Ledford in Waco TX traded in his 25 year old Pro-Bal machine for this refurbished 22 year old machine. The new electronics on this old machine enables Ledford to compete with the best in the market!

7. Calverts Upgrade

Wayne Calvert picked up his new machine in Colorado Springs in 1955. This was the first Stewart Warner balancer in the North Texas area. It took 15 minutes to install the new electronics and 30 minutes to get Wayne’s son Randy familiar with the software.

8. Schoeller_PB1000_repair003

The electronics on this machine were repaired and a photo-eye system installed for Jack Schoeller.

9. PB Diesel

Leon Rutt bought his Pro-Bal PB1000 machine new in 1989. He has balanced many diesel cranks on this machine. The original electronics would not handle this 1,800 lb 8-foot 3516 Cat Diesel crank on his 5-foot long 1000 lb capacity hard bearing machine. The new electronics solved this problem.

10. pb1000

This refurbished PB1000 Pro-Bal was outfitted with T&S electronics and purchased by Green County Machine in Wisconsin.