TS2075 Valve Grinding Machine

TS-2075 valve refacer

     The TS-2075 Valve Grinding System is loaded with all the features and offers the best finish for the best price.

With our center-less chuck system, your valve grinding experience will be quick and easy as it automatically seats the valve against the end stop.With an air float system and air clamp angle adjustment, as well as an LED chuck angle indicator, the valve grinding process becomes precise and effortless. This valve grinder was built to satisfy every whim of the modern engine builder. The TS2075 Chuck is interchangeable with Sioux 2075 chucks and boasts extra features that set it apart from similar models. No other valve grinder has all of these features at any price! Small stems, big stems, short, long, grind the face, grind the tip, reclaim margins… unbeatable value!


  • Center-less Chuck System
  • Air Float/Air Clamp Angle Adjustment
  • 0-90º Grinding Angle
  • Variable Speed Chuck
  • Linear Block and Rail Ways
  • LED Chuck Angle Indicator
  • Many Parts Interchangeable with 2075 Sioux Machines
  • Greatest Precision and Finish Available Anywhere at Any Price!