TS500 Three Angle Tooling

With the TS500 Three Angle Tooling System for seat cutting your shop will have the latest cutting technology available in the industry.

TS500 Three Angle Tooling

The ball drive system was originally designed by Tim Whitley at T&S and remains the standard for today’s seat and guide operations.  With the TS500 Three Angle Tooling you can use your existing seat grinding arbors and it is available for most seat and guide machines available on the market today.  The TS500 Three Angle Tooling uses dead pilots in varying sizes and Regis or Serdi carbide inserts.  This tooling is popular with General Automotive and Hi-Performance shops alike.

Kit Includes:

1 Carrying Box
3 Tool Holders
1 Ball Socket Assembly
4 Carbide Inserts
1 Spring Bushing
1 Tool Setting Fixture
2 Springs
1 Set of Instructions
1 Ball Head

Kits are available for Kwik-Way, Sioux, Neway and Sunnen pilot sizes. Look below for a description of each item in the TS500 Three Angle Tooling package.

Ball Socket Assembly

TS-105Ball Socket Assembly for TS-3M and TS-4M
S-105 Cat 30Ball Socket Assembly for TS-2000 Seat and Guide Machine
TS-3M (Shown)#3 Morse Taper Adapter
TS-4M#4 Morse Taper Adapter
TS-SS3/4" Straight Shank Adapter for Bridgeport Mill

Deluxe Ball Head

TS-106DSXBall Head for Sioux Pilots (.385" id)
TS-106DKWBall Head for Kwik-Way Pilots (.4375" id)
TS-106DNEWBall Head for Neway Pilots (.375" id)
TS-106DSUNBall Head for Sunnen Pilots (.3895" id)
TS-106ABBrass Tipped Lock Screws for Tool Holders
TS-106BDowel Pins for Ball Heads
TS106 Ball Head
Small Tool Holder
Radial Adjusting Screw for TS-102
Medium Tool Holder
Radial Adjusting Screw for TS-103
Large Tool Holder
Radial Adjusting Screw for TS-104

All Tool Holders are equipped with the TS-109 insert lock screw

Tool Setting Fixture

This item is used to set the radius of the cutting insert and toolholder on the ball head.  Simply move the pointer to a location on the valve face and tighten the locking knob.  Insert a Pilot and TS-106 Ball Head and adjust the tool holder to match the point on the valve.  Setup is very fast and easy.

Spring Busing
TS-107Spring Bushing
TS-108 (2/kit)Springs

Pilots (Not Included in Kits)

11/32 + .001"K-5344SK-5345K
3/8 - .002"K-5373SK-5373K
3/8 -.001"K-5374SK-5374K

Note: For other pilot sizes see Regis Catalog

Carbide Inserts

Seat Angle & WidthTop Angle & OverhangThroat Angle
R-145 - .059"30 - .071"60
R-230 - .051"15 - .039"45
R-345 - .051"30 - .039"60
R-470° Single Angle Tool for throating

Note: Popular size carbide bits also available to fit Serdi and Kwik-Way tooling


TS-100Plastic Box for Tool Kit