Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head Reconditioning Equipment

T&S remains dedicated to producing high-quality seat and guide machines that utilize our TS-500 3-Angle Tooling. On top of that, our newly redesigned TS-2075 Valve Refacer is sure to wow you with precision valve work. See more information about our great products below!


The System 2000

Seat and Guide Machine

The System 2000 was designed and built to specifically fit our Three Angle Tooling package, which is now a standard in the industry, making it perfect for all of your Seat and Guide needs. Cylinder Head work has never been this easy!


TS2000XL Dual Stanchion

Seat and Guide Machine

The System 2000 XL is a dual stanchion version of our standard valve seat cutting machine. This design allows you to work on a pair of cylinder heads at the same time, cutting all seats to the same height simply by watching the depth indicator.



Valve Grinding Center

We realize that seats and guides are only part of the cylinder head assembly, so the TS2075 was built to satisfy every whim of the modern cylinder head reconditioner. No other valve machine has all of these features at any price! Small stems, big stems, short, long, grind the face, grind the tip, reclaim margins… unbeatable value!


Three Angle Tooling

With the TS500 Three Angle Tooling System for seat cutting your shop will have the latest cutting technology available in the industry. Cylinder head work doesn’t have to be hard.